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Hachigo-91-1 Izumimachishimogawa, Iwaki, Fukushima 971-8183

TEL/FAX: 0246-84-6854

PHONE: 090-7939-2149

福島県公安委員会認定自動車 第251230000876号




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2012  GSauto JAPAN




Citibank Japan Ltd. declares the following basic policy in order to prevent damages caused by groups or individuals, so-called "Anti-Social Forces ("ASF")", that pursue economic benefit by making full use of violence, force and fraudulent means.

  1. [1]All executives and employees resolutely work toward not having any relations with ASF.

  2. [2]Work with specialized agencies such as police office and attorney and handle properly in an organized way in order to prevent damages caused by ASF.

  3. [3]Never accept undue demands by ASF and resolutely deal with it according to law.

  4. [4]Do not give benefits and make backstage deal with ASF.

  5. [5]Ensure employee's safety who deals with undue demands by ASF.